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Security hygiene is the process of reviewing your current cybersecurity posture and implementing security controls that mitigate data breach risks. As you mature your security hygiene, you create a centralized log management strategy that defines a path to a more robust posture. As part of this, you need to accommodate for the way threats evolve, including those unique to your specific industry or business.

For example, you might have someone running a command line to get data before putting your centralized log management tool in place to do searches. As you start to mature your cyber hygiene, automating some of these manual functions, people might be resistant because they worry that they will become obsolete.

To mature your security hygiene, you need to have processes in place as well as tools. With the right processes and tools enabling collaboration, you reduce the likelihood of experiencing a security incident and optimize your IT spending.

Graylog Security gives you the out-of-the-box security content you need in our easy-to-use centralized log management platform so that you can rapidly mature your security hygiene. You can start getting valuable data from your logs faster with a solution that enables your team.

In fact, preventing the high water production in horizontal wells and minimizing the risk of bypassing hydrocarbon accumulations in mature fields, are currently among the main concerns in several areas in Colombia. Given the new interest in some stratigraphic units that in the past were considered secondary targets, without much commercial importance, avoiding hydrocarbons underestimation is mandatory. The risk is based on the reservoir complexity and the current lack or reservoir characterization. Therefore, understanding the rock-pore fluids effect on petrophysical measurements and its impact on reservoir evaluation outputs, are among the main drivers in this work.

Even in mature fields, further understanding on the high water cut causes is being achieved, meanwhile encountering new hydrocarbon bearing zones not detected with conventional technologies. The reservoir evaluation approach proposed in the present paper, constitute a valuable tool that helps operators to improve the initial reservoir characterization and well completion strategies.

Keselowski seems to be on a similar path of streamlining his personal and professional life. He has sliced the Nationwide race at Kansas off his Chase schedule and is considering dropping more. He relocated his sister, Dawn, from Michigan two months ago to handle some business affairs and help with his Checkered Flag Foundation.

Defending champion Tony Stewart said Keselowski is "still kind of goofy" but has earned the respect of his peers. "I watched him in the Nationwide Series, and he crashed a lot of people," he said. "I was a little nervous about him when he came in. He's matured a lot. He's pulled the reins back a little bit and races people differently, but he still gets the job done."

This process can reveal the unspoken generational stereotypes held within an organisation while talking through the issues helps to diffuse them and increase understanding. Organisations need to create or re-establish a culture that values the mature worker. If their history is one of large scale baby boomer redundancies, coupled with recruitment targets in the Gen X and Gen Y age bands, it can be a huge hurdle to jump. 041b061a72


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