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Where Can I Buy Gas Gift Cards

Millions of customers use gift cards to purchase gas, snacks and services at Chevron and Texaco stations in the United States and Caltex stations in the Asia-Pacific region. These prepaid cards make excellent business and personal gifts and are often used for incentives and promotional prizes.

where can i buy gas gift cards


Gas gift cards can be found at a variety of stores other than at gas stations. We were able to find a few different gas gift cards on the company websites of the stores listed below. Keep in mind that the gift cards available vary by location and you may be able to find additional gas gift cards at your local store.

National Gift Card is the one-stop shop for prepaid fuel and gas gift cards and eGift cards to keep your car gassed, greased, and running. Choose from brands like Arco, Shell, Exxon, Autozone, and more. Our wide selection of auto and fuel gift cards is just one reason why we are the #1 gift card provider of choice. We are a trusted partner of the leading car and auto brands. Whether you need gas for your car, a tune-up for your engine, or a decorative charm for your rear-view mirror, National Gift Card is here to help.

Your vehicle can look, feel, and run its best when you purchase auto and prepaid gas cards from National Gift Card. Our gift fulfillment program ensures that your ordering process will be fast, simple, and stress-free. Take advantage of our deals on gas and fuel eGift cards, individual gift cards, bulk gift card packages, and corporate gift card programs today!

Gift card is valid only at participating Valero, Diamond Shamrock, Beacon and Shamrock stores. Gift card may be used for any purchase except money orders or lottery tickets. Gift card cannot be redeemed for cash except where required by law. Gift card is a bearer instrument, and if lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or used without permission, neither the gift card nor the remaining value can be replaced.

What is the Wawa Rewards Program?The Wawa Rewards Program lets you earn Wawa Rewards coupons for every U.S. $50 spent on *eligible Wawa purchases using the Wawa App, Wawa Rewards Key Card or a registered Wawa Gift Card. With your permission, we may also automatically enter you in certain Wawa sweepstakes. Our Wawa Rewards members have the opportunity to not only earn rewards for qualified purchases, but will also have exclusive access to Mobile Ordering, Bonus Rewards, and other benefits.*Non-eligible items include fuel, sour cream, eggnog, all varieties of fluid milk and cream, tobacco, alcohol, coupon redemptions, delivery tips/fees, Wawa catering purchases and applicable taxes. The purchase of alcohol products, tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, gift cards and pre-paid cards using a registered Wawa Gift Card may be prohibited by Wawa in its sole discretion. For more information about Wawa Gift Cards, please refer to the Wawa Gift Card Rules and Wawa Gift Card Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I need a Wawa Rewards account to participate in the Wawa Rewards Program? Yes, having a Wawa Rewards account is essential to participate in the Wawa Rewards program. This is where you will receive any earned/bonus rewards you may receive. Having a Wawa Rewards account also allows you to take advantage of other offers delivered through the Wawa Rewards Program.

Can I register a Wawa Gift Card back to my account once it has been de-registered? Yes. A Wawa Gift Card that has been deleted from an account can be re-registered to the same account. Gift cards that have been registered to your Wawa Rewards account are unable to be registered to any other Wawa Rewards account.

Note: Once your account is closed you will no longer be able to redeem any rewards. Your Wawa gift card balance will still be available for use if you have the plastic card ONLY. Please be sure to use your gift card balance in full before closing your account.

What happens if I forget my log in information for Wawa Rewards? The email address on file for your Wawa Rewards account is generally the email address where you receive Wawa Rewards communications. Click here for assistance with resetting your password. If you are still having problems, please Contact Us for assistance.

I deleted the Wawa app from my device. What happens to my account and/or gift cards? If you downloaded a new version of the mobile app, you can log into your account using the same email address/password combination you have used previously.If you no longer want to use the mobile app, you can choose to keep your account active and access your rewards by navigating to to manage your account.Either way, all existing information, communication preferences and settings will remain in-place within your account. Your Wawa Gift Card balance will also be updated. Any rewards offers that remain will still be present as long as they have not expired.

How do I change the phone number where I will receive my verification code? Wawa Rewards account owners may have already entered a phone number when creating their account. If not, the system will require a phone number to be entered when opting to receive their verification code via text message. Account owners can go into their profile and edit their contact information at any time.

How do I pay for my mobile order?You can skip the line and pay for your mobile order directly in the app with a Wawa gift card, major credit card, Apple or Google Pay. You can also pay for your mobile order when you arrive at the store.

You may protect the balance on your Wawa Gift Card against loss, theft, or damage by registering it at or through the Wawa mobile app. Wawa will replace the remaining balance on a registered gift card at the time Wawa is notified of the loss.

Yes, we accept merchandise returns on select products with a valid proof-of-purchase (receipt or transaction information on Wawa mobile app or The return amount will be credited back to the method of payment that was used during the initial transaction. This includes Wawa gift cards.

You will receive statement credits based upon fuel purchases made with your Wawa Credit Card at Wawa locations within the United States. You will earn a credit of five cents ($0.05) per gallon in each billing cycle that you purchase Wawa fuel in accordance with these terms. Gallons purchased will be considered for a credit in the billing cycle they are posted to your account. Credits will only be earned on fuel purchased made for personal, family or household purposes. Credits will be automatically posted to your monthly billing statement. Your account must remain open and current for you to earn credits. We decide whether your purchase is eligible for a credit, and our decision may be based upon the information provided to us about your purchase by the Wawa store where your purchase was made. We reserve the right to adjust credits you have received in the even an adjustment is issued with respect to your Wawa fuel purchases.

The shipping and handling charge for merchandise and gift card orders is based on the shipping address and size of your order. Shipping charges apply to Continental US orders only. At this time, we are unable to ship to international addresses, P.O. boxes, APO/FPR addresses or US territories.

How do I go about submitting an offer to purchase?All offers to purchase a closed store or parcel of land can be submitted via email to Please include a telephone number where you can be contacted.

Is Wawa gas blended with Ethanol?Yes, Wawa sells gasoline blended up to 10% ethanol in all areas where it is required. Additionally, we offer ethanol free gasoline, e15 gasoline and Flex Fuel e85 gasoline at some of our locations. To determine if your local store offers the product you are looking for, head over to the store locator on

Does Wawa use artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in their foods?Wawa is committed to provide high quality products at the best value. Wawa is removing artificial colors, flavors and preservatives where it is possible.

Whatever your need, the diverse lineup of QuikTrip Cards offers a faster, more convenient QT experience. From gift cards for friends and family, to PumpStart cards for the cash buying drivers, we have what you need to make every trip to QT special. The QT Fleetmaster cards provide fully customizable fleet fueling services for everyone from startup businesses to major corporations.

Perfect for gifts, awards, or anyone wanting to budget specific amounts for delicious drinks, fresh food, and high-quality fuel at all QT locations. QT Gift Cards are available in denominations up to $300. Buy them in store or email an eGift card to a friend or family member. Cards can be purchased and reloaded at any QT location or online.

  • Thanks for the honesty. We've got several options you may want to consider. In addition to our regular 22-day cycle pay-by-check terms we also have:\u00a0Cash deposits: We can design a program which provides fueling on credit in conjunction with a cash deposit.Bank issued letter of credit: This is basically the same as the cash deposit, except it's the letter of credit which provides the security.Electronic payment options: We offer a way for you to keep your fuel bill at a minimum by drafting an account of your choice either daily or at other scheduled frequencies. Ask about our incentives on the Electronic Fleet Payment System (EFPS).Cross Corporate Guarantee: This program provides a way for a well-established parent company or associated business to co-sign for fueling credit.Personal Guarantee: An account is established based on the strength and credit history of a principal within your company.\u00a0We hope one of these options, or a combination of these, will meet your needs."},"id":"d9ebcb7b-4758-4cfd-b5f0-ba53cbbf8e11","title":"How do I check the balance on my QT Prepaid Card?","content":"You can check the balance of your QT Prepaid Card by visiting\u00a0https:\/\/\/BalanceInquiry (must have your pin number) or by calling toll free at 1-800-247-3452, option 1.","id":"a68c34db-c9d5-4a88-8f2e-003efaf80abc","title":"I'd like to know the easiest way to make changes to my fleet account. We change drivers quite often and occasionally we need to replace a card that has been lost.","content":"We have several choices. Once the contact person has enrolled in our FleetServices Online program, they can manage your entire account right here on our website. This includes card replacement orders, driver changes, and transaction review. Account maintenance can also be completed at any time by using the customer service hotline. Our toll-free hotline number is 800-492-0669.","id":"f3869d58-a442-4f44-88a9-b1286a0dacb3","title":"Why does my bank say that QT is \"holding\" preauthorized funds?","content":"Credit:When you\u00a0 swipe a credit card at a gas pump, QT sends a preauthorization of up to $175, depending on the card brand, to the bank to ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account. The bank checks the account and sends a message back to the pump with an approval (funds available) or a decline (funds not available). Once preauthorized, you can begin filling your tank. Since banks do not know how much gas you will be pumping, the bank places a limit (hold) on the account for the amount they determine to be sufficient to guarantee payment for the gasoline purchase. The merchant settles all transactions once a day with their processor and the issuing bank receives these within 1-2 days. The bank can hold funds against the account for up to 7-8 business days.\u00a0Debit:When you swipe a debit card at a pump and enter your pin number (on-line debit), a message is sent through a network to your financial institution for a preauthorization amount between $0-$175 depending on the price of gas. The bank checks the account and sends a message back to the pump with an approval (funds available) or a decline (funds not available). Once preauthorized, the pump is set to this amount and you can begin filling your tank. As soon as your financial institution receives this request, there is a temporary hold on the account by the retailer. This hold is supposed to last only as long as you pump gas into your car. When you return the pump handle, a message is sent back to your financial institution immediately that completes the transaction and records the actual amount of the purchase. This amount should replace the preauthorized amount. Each debit network has rules on the amount of time the issuing bank can hold the preauthorization, which is normally 2-3 hours. QT has no control over the amount of time a preauthorization is held on a customer account by their financial institution.","id":"e2284fd2-e629-4faa-a579-0e1d76c4fe7f","title":"How does a fleet card keep costs down?","content":"Our Fleetmaster\u00ae\u00a0Card can help you save on fuel expenses. Our network captures all spending data you need, and you can set limits to improve tighter control of fleet spending, such as dollar amount and even time of day.","id":"b2164cc9-7862-4ed1-899c-3656cc5818fc","title":"What is the difference between a fleet card and a bank credit card?","content":"Fleet cards provide more in-depth transaction data, superior flexibility and tighter controls than bank cards offer.","id":"ba26bbe2-cbd6-4069-bb34-d45b255fde2e","title":"How does the card track and prevent unauthorized purchases?","content":"When a driver swipes the card, they will then be prompted to enter information, such as Driver ID (pin #) and Odometer reading, preventing the card's use in case of loss or theft. Contrast this to a typical credit card, which usually requires no additional verification. QuikTrip's Fleetmaster\u00ae\u00a0card also allow for tighter, more detailed purchasing controls, which helps to minimize abuse and inappropriate spend."]} LinksEmployee Login

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