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During October 2021 I discovered William Porters book Alcohol Explained, and Annie Grace , This Naked Mind. 

At the back of Alcohol Explained it said that there was a group on Face book... This realisation opened up a whole new world to me! Suddenly i realised that there were thousands of others just like me who were seeking support and learning to live with and finding freedom from alcohol! I had tried well know routes before, but for what ever reason it just didnt 'fit' me.

Understanding that there are a variety of routes to sobriety completely opened up my learning experience. In time i found my tribe.

This project is about connecting with others who are also on this extraordinary life changing journey.  Here, we send post cards with tips and inspirations to reach out to others in the world through pop up exhibitions.  Its an opportunity for you to get inspired, maybe try being creative, and sharing a little something that just might resonate with someone to give them that spark of hope that we once needed.  If you are looking for groups, books, podcasts etc to try, there are plenty of recommendations here too. 

Have a browse and join in.  You never know who you might inspire....

This website is new and in the process of being made. Please join the lively group on face book.   Soberinspirationproject 

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